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Southwest Louisiana boasts a variety of year-round hunting opportunities, earning it the “sportsman’s paradise” title, and making it home to experienced, small-and-large game bowhunters. This tooth-and-claw hunting experience has lead to our innovative and growing line of bowhunting products. Each Rac-Em-Bac arrowhead carries a unique payload that gives bowhunters the power to lure in their prey, and more punch to put them down. Rac-Em-Bac’s Stealth Delivery System Technology gives bowhunters the extra edge that keeps them ahead of their game.

Rac-Em-Bac provides innovative products to bowhunters everywhere.

The Bow-Mag Arrowhead combines the stealth delivery of an arrow with the power of a .38 or .357 Magnum bullet, effectively turning your compound bow or crossbow into an even deadlier, silent hunting tool. Racembac is a project of The Safe Experts which is a gun and archery bow safe website by real experts.

Our Preloaded Scent Arrowheads are designed to dispense your chosen scent in a 3–5 foot area where you need to stop your game, keeping your hunting zone clear of human scent.

Powered by Rac-Em-Bac’s Stealth Delivery System Technology, the Bow-Shot Arrowhead maximizes the kinetic energy of your bow or crossbow by delivering steel-shot stopping power into your target.