Bear Archery BR33 Review

Bear Archery BR33 is a nice compound bow that offers precise shooting and comes with high-quality bows. Bear is quite a popular name among archery lovers and that is because of the versatility that its products offer.

While being a compound bow, it also has a variety of features which completely eliminates any room for error. This beast looking bow by Bear comes in a ‘ready to hunt’ condition out of the because along with many different accessories. Though you may not need all the accessories packed inside but they surely will come handy in future.

Bear Archery BR33 Review

The BR33 bow has a nice adjustable draw length of 27 to 32 inches which makes it the perfect hunting bow for adults.

Note that it won’t be a good match for shorter adults. Ideally, if you are under 5’6”, we recommend not to invest in this bow.

Let us talk about some of its features in detail and see why it is the best compound bow to have in your arsenal.

Bear Archery BR33

Size & Weight

BR33 weighs only 4.2 pounds and measures 33.25 inches from axle to axle. Though this weight and size is quite large but it balances well and the performance is outstanding. The extra weight really gives you a nice grip and control when aiming at your target.

Because of its extra-large size, it won’t be suitable for shorter adults. Best thing about it is that when you have the draw fully extended out, its weight completely disappears and the length makes it perfect for target archery.

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Its rig can nicely hold on to the target like a magnet which results in a very minute pin drift.

Speed & Durability

BR33 comes equipped with patented EAZ cam system which offers a super smooth draw. Other than that, it also features eccentric hybrid system which helps to produce some incredible arrow speeds. It has been measured at 330 feet per second which is more than good.

It also comes with the typical Bear riser structure which widens up near the top and bottom of the bow. This means you will get more stability, strength and durability out of this bow. Moreover, the 7075 machined aluminum construction really gives it a solid look and helps in eliminating that extra vibration.

Shooting Experience

With the latest EAZ cam system installed, this hybrid system takes your shooting experience to a whole new level. When you draw it, you will feel the weight increasing aggressively but when fully drawn, it suddenly disappears which makes this bow pretty forgiving.

When you release the draw, the bow accurately hits the target and best of all, you will feel like handling a dead bow in your hand as it produces almost zero vibration.

Moreover, this bow is highly adjustable with draw weights of 45-60 pounds and also comes in 55-70 pounds option. You can easily adjust the draw length from 27 inches and all the way up to 32 inches.

Its solid one-piece composite grip is worth mentioning here which is held nicely with its riser via screw on each of the sides. You can remove this grip if you prefer a smaller and narrower grip feel.