Diamond Archery 2016 Edge SB-1 Review

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Diamond Edge SB-1 is a very solid and durable mid-level bow which boasts an amazing draw weight and length adjustment. For archers who love hunting, this is the ideal hunting bow you need.

You will love its performance and its binary cams further enhances it while adding comfortable draw at the same time. This bow is backed by a non-transferable lifetime warranty and it will last for years to come.

Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 Review

We understand that every archer has his own needs. You might be looking for performance while another archer would be looking for comfort and some trying their luck to find an eye-catching bow loaded with all kinds of gizmos and gadgets.

It offers a high level of versatility and has a simple setup with a deadly performance. Don’t take this bow lightly.

Diamond Archery 2016 Edge SB-1

EZ-Adjust System

Diamond SB-1 comes with a new EZ-Adjust System which makes it easier for you to setup this bow. It has a draw length from 15-30 inches and a draw weight of 7-70 pounds.

You can also check out Diamond Archery’s official website where they have how-to videos that will help you setup your bow and also learn some shooting techniques if you are a newbie.

Binary Cam System

Diamond Edge serious performance is backed by its synchronized binary cam system. The binary cam really helps to produce IBO arrow speed rating of a whopping 318 feet per second off a platform which boasts a 31-inch axle-to-axle length, 3.6 pounds of mass weight, 80% let off and a 7-inch brace height making it the perfect hunting gear in your hands.

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Out Of The Box Experience

One of the best feelings is opening up that box and experiencing the hype about your product and its real for Diamond Archery Edge. You will be surprised to see a bow set with a 29-inch draw length and is read to shoot.

Not very expensive as compared to some high-end models, but it does offer good value for the money invested. There is an Apex Gear sight inside, an octane hostage max rest, 5.-inch octane ultra-lite stabilizer, octane deadlock lite quiver, diamond wrist sling and an installed nocking loop with a carbon peep sight.

All of these items are pre-installed for you. However, the peep sight doesn’t come assembled but that won’t be a hurdle in trying it out right out of the box.

Features & Specifications

  • IBO Speed Rating (FPS): 318
  • Bow Weight (lbs.):6
  • Brace Height (inches): 7
  • Axle-To-Axle (inches): 31
  • Draw Length Range: 15-30”
  • Let-Off: 80%
  • Draw Weight Range: 7-70 lbs.
  • Riser Construction Material: Aluminum
  • Limb Construction Material: Composite
  • Price Range: Mid
  • Handedness Availability: Both Left & Right Hand
  • Warranty: Non-Transferable Lifetime

Diamond Archery 2016 Edge SB-1

Riser & Grip

You will love the riser of Diamond Edge SB-1 as it is pretty solid. It is actually a piece of aluminum which offers a great size to strengthen ratio and the cutouts of the riser are wide and create a very nice dead space in the riser.

Because of this dead space, this bow is abl to reduce its weight to a mere 3.6 pounds. This makes it ideal for hunters as well as shooters.

The next best thing about Diamond Archery Bow is its amazing grip and this is where majority of the mid-level bows skimp. You would love its slim grip which nicely fits into your hands and allow you to get ready for a repeatable shot.

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What We Like

  • Adjustability
  • Outstanding performing cams
  • Insane accuracy
  • Lifetime non-transferable warranty

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pretty loud
  • Vibrates when the shot is released